How to add my own radio channels

1. HIFIROSE recommends using the RoseConnect APP.

  • Touch Radio.

2. Touch ‘+’ button at the top.

3. You will see a spaces to enter in Channel name and URL.
Enter and touch ‘Confirm’.**

4. Go to Add user channel. You will see the channel you added.

There are URLs that you can use to add radio channel. In some cases, URL for radio player is published on the homepage of radio station, in some cases not.

Look at the screenshot below.

The screenshot if from KUSC radio channel.
KUSC opened their radio player’s address on their homepage.
Usually, URL of radio channels contain the word ‘mp3, aac, m3u, 32, 64, 96…’

You need the address of radio player, not the homepage.

So, if you want to add radio channel ‘KUSC’,
please add
do not add

Also, there are sites that has a lot of internet radio addresses such as…

If there is a channel you want, try searching for it.

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If such an address exists, it is highly likely that ROSE will also be able to play it.

It will be helpful not only for ROSE, but also for living an audio life.


You should pinpoint this guide somewhere for folks to see and use. Also please make the same tutorial for PC and MAC versions of Rose Connect! Thank you!