How to download files from PC to RS150/RS201 via network? (SMB 1.0)

For RS150, RS250, RS201 only.

You need external hard disk or SSD or USB connected to RS150/RS250/RS201.

(If your SSD is NEW, format it first.)

For Windows

Step 1) Connect your PC and RS150/RS250/RS201 to the same network.

Step 2) Go to Home Screen → Settings → Storage Settings

Step 3) You will see “SMB ID/PW Settings”, activate it and make an account.

Your SMB account has been activated.

Step 4) Go to PC and open File Explorer.

Step 5) Enter the IP assigned to RS150/RS201 in address bar.

You can check your IP in “Settings” → “System Information” of RS150/RS201

Please check the image.

Also - You must put "\\"before IP. (EX) \\123.456.7.89

Step 6) Put your SMB ID and Password that you made on RS150/RS201.

Step 7) You will see your storage. Now, you can put and delete music/movie files.

For Mac
Step 1) Connect your PC and RS150/RS201 to the same network.

Step 2) In RS150/RS201, go to Home Screen → Settings → System Settings, there is a “Storage Settings” menu. Click.

Step 3) You will see “SMB ID/PW Settings”, touch and enter your account.
Your SMB account has been activated.

Step 4) Now, go to MAC. Load “Finder” → Move → Connect to Server (or Command + K on Finder)

Step 5) Type in IP address of RS150/RS201. Ex) smb://123.456.7.89

Step 6) Click “Connect”

Step 7) Type in the ID and password that you made on RS150/RS201

Step 8) Select the folder that you hope to connect. Use “Shift”, “Command” or “Command + A” to select few folders or all folders.

Step 9) Finder → Shared, you will see a new folder named with your IP.

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I can’t access my external SSD (on USB) with my Mac to access files and make changes directly with my makBook.
I go to SMB PW ID but on Login and Password, it doesn’t want to connect.

I never know what to put in fact, my login is Herve and my pass 79LeReflet50! @, maybe I’m wrong.
So in the storage settings, everything is on “off”.

When I go to my Mac’s network at Rose’s, I just have an empty “share” folder.
It’s very complicated, even if I really appreciate the RS250 musically among others.

Nice day,

I set up my settings for Hifi Rose 250 for Samba and FTP last week.
These adjustments were for Windows.

There was a good guideline on this site:

and for FTP:

For Mac look at this :

Please note that I don’t have a mac and can’t confirm the result

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Thank you for your reports.
I will go through again about the post and check if there’s a better way.

Thank you.

Thanks ARey11 :smiley:

ROSELOA, I have easy access to my smb on the Mac, but the folder named “Share” is empty. My music/Videos are stored (among others) on an external SSD connected to the Rose 250, can I access it with the Mac or should I prefer to put the SSD in the Rose?
Thank you and have a good day !Capture d’écran 2022-01-13 à 12.51.33

Everything is “off” in the storage settings.
If I try to activate the SMB, it does not work, there is something I should not understand, thanks for help!

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Herve Your samba is OFF so you can not access it from a PC. Click on "SMB ID … " menu, set SAMBA on, set login and password.


In your RS250, the SMB ID/PW should be ‘ON’.
Make any ID/PW for SMB and enter the information when you login from your MAC.

Hello Michal and ROSELOA,
I know SMB is off, but I couldn’t log in with the password!
I tried at least 20 times, and Jackpot tonight, the right password put and IT WORKS Yupi!!!
Thanks for everything

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I have the same issue. Trying to connect the Roon Nucleus so it “sees” the Rose internal SSD where my ripped music files are stored. Entered my id and password from Rose into the SMB. SMB will not turn on. How do I verify my credentials to make sure I’m inputting everything correctly? On the Roon app, do I input smb://Rose IP address or the Rose IP connect address. They are different. It would be nice if you could offer screen shots for this application like you do for Windows/Mac. I have the 150B, thanks…Joe

You must create new credentials for SMB.
Those of Rose will not work!

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  1. I guess you made ID/PW for SMB here, right?
    It doesn’t matter how you organize your ID/PW for SMB, it’s free.

(Would you show me a screenshot where you’re stuck so that I can help faster?)

Where do I go to create new credentials for SMB?
I can follow all of your screenshots, and I end up where your last screen shot is shown. Just don’t know where to go to create new SMB Credentials. Can you please point me to the right area?

Credentials are created in Rose’s settings. Once you turn SMB on a pop up window should appear allowing you to create and save your credentials.

  1. In the last screenshot I uploaded, enter ID/PW whatever you want.
    ex) ID: rose
    PW: rose5678

  2. Confirm.

That’s your ID/PW now.
Once you used it with other PC or devices, I recommend not to change the ID/PW.


This post is for SMBv1.

Hello Roseloa,
I was able to set up and enter user name and password for my SMB ID/PW Settings, and it now shows enabled.

How do I create a File Path from my stored music on the Rose internal SSD to my Roon Nucleus?

On Roon have tried: smb://, then my user/pass, Roon error code says invalid Path.

Can you please help? Where can I find the correct File Path to point Roon to my stored music files?
Thanks Joe


Is this what you tried?

(The network share location maybe different, depends on what’s your storage.)
smb:// you see in MUSIC → DISK name

Also, must check if SMBv1 is activated…

did all of the above steps you mentioned

Still getting an error message:
“unexpected error”