RS201E - watts per channel question

Hi - I am seriously thinking to upgrade to this product which looks great but there’s not much information on the watts per channel; other than saying it’s 100 watts. I have a pair of Q Acoustics 3050i floorstanders which are rated 6 ohms, so I need to know how many watts the RS201E will pump out to my speakers. Occasionally we like to drive the speakers hard with lots of bass and high volume for parties and I would be disappointed if the RS201E goes into protection mode or can’t easily handle the speakers. Any advice and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks. Ali

Its 50 watts in to 4 ohms per channel. But thats not the point. Its about the power it can push. Iwould recommand to test it. The 3050i should be easy to drive. They are 91 DB Impedance.

Yes try it.

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What about power over 8 ohms?


The rated output per channel at 8 ohms of RS201 should be around 25~30W. The maximum output is 50W.

Thank you

Thanks for quick reply.
Well, i thought by myself that at 8 ohms “should be around” that range, but i’d like to know something more specific, since usually that is the most common loudspeaker impedance.