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Hi everyone, a newbie to HiFi Rose - just received my new RS150 and have a couple of questions. I cannot find the icon for Spotify Connect - am I missing something? I can play Spotify OK but the BT remote doesn’t change tracks for me. Thank you


  1. With the Spotify Connect problem,
    Spotify is not IN-APP. HIFIROSE supports Spotify as ‘Spotify Connect’.
    You have to use Spotify APP to use Spotify, not ROSE APP.
    How to use Spotify Connect
    About Spotify Connect

  2. With the BT remote problem,

Spotify cannot support Prev/Next.
It’s not a technical issue, Spotify didn’t allow us to use this feature.

When I first received Spotify Connect certification, I applied for certification including all functions such as Prev/Next and Shuffle/Repeat.
However, the Hi-Fi Rose product was classified (?) as a product group in which the use of the corresponding function was not allowed, so the function was removed and re-certification was applied and passed.

We’ve sent several request emails to add, but nothing has been done yet.
If we get permission in the future, we will support that function.
thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply…much appreciated.
I understand about the remote, just disappointed as my previous streamers (Naim and Cambridge Audio brands has Spotify Connect built in and also the remotes controlled everything. Seems like a very strange ruling by Spotify as you can pause and play but cannot select the next or previous track!! I just don’t like having to use a phone all the time. Anyway, hopefully that might change in the future.
Kind regads, Denis

We hope so too. We will notify you when there is an update about it.