150B Limitations of List and playback from PLEX on NAS or PC

I appreciate all the features and capabilities of the 150B but I have found it lacks a key and valuable feature on playback of linked music collections that limits its appeal.
For instance I have a large collection of recorded music on my Windows PC that has been transferred to both PLEX on my Synology NAS and also to my Sony HAP S1 Network Audio player irrespective of codec.
On the PLEX the listed collection playing through PC speakers or via network to OPPO 203 or Marantz 8015 I can select shuffle and it plays random single tracks which is great desired feature. On my HAP S1 after transferring collection via network using HAPMusic Transfer APP I can select from many genre like say late night or country etc and plays random selections irrespective of codec.

When I link the 150B via network to PLEX or my Windows Music it can only play what I add to list manually (as I cant save to the Internal 4TB HDD and also vanishes or becomes ineffective once turn off) so far too cumbersome to be rated as top media player unless I am missing something. It also wont play singles randomly if in folders like PLEX on NAS and Hap S1 and ignores some CODECS unless force it to play like DSD FLAC etc and jumps only to WMA files.
While a great looking unit with multiple functions and good DAC it is only a Substandard media player. unless someone can find a way to play like my PLEX and Windows music player and Hap Si players.

Since I posted this topic, I have seen others struggle with the connectivity and recording onto an internal Samsung SSD. It seems you can only record from a networked device by laboriously creating an album by album via a slow play list addition.
I noticed someone said they had listed 500+ albums - can they tell me how they did that - was it a tiresome album by album or did they find a way to bulk transfer to the SSD? Thanks to 150B users


There is no recording function on Rose devices. It is not possible to record by connecting a storage device to a Rose device.

Rose device sound source output > recording device input. It might be possible this way.
Unless you have a separate recording device, it is currently not possible to record on the Rose device itself.

Sorting through 500+ albums is a huge task. I think it looks like an album loaded from the SSD.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply.

I appreciate no recording function but surely, with the high-priced technologically advanced 150B I should be able to transfer my music collection in bulk over my home network from my PC by ethernet to my 4TB SSD connected inside the 150B. To only be able to do this via a single addition via the playlist option is last century logic and outdated tech . My SONY Hap S1 – 8 years old and PLEX on NAS are both vastly superior in this basic function and the SONY also allows random play selection by genre and moods e.g., soft listening, jazz, country, nighttime etc.

Software in the 150B needs a major rethink if it’s to have wide appeal as compared to those using just Tidal HI-RES Spotify etc. features from an external database.
150 B is great breakthrough in so many aspects and looks fabulous with multiple gadgets and features but fails in this basic playing/ collection access and listing requirement so for that reason I cannot recommend it to my fellow HIFI enthusiasts who would expect these features.

Kind regards
BigAlWA .