Albums split on my RS520

After scanning my music library on my NAS, some albums split into 2 or even 4 albums on my newly purchased RS520. The strange thing is those albums are intact on the RoseConnect Premium App. Everything was fine on my Cary Audio AIOS and App and Audirvana. Anyone has the same issue and any means to fix it? Thanks

Hey @Alfred are your albums featuring accents/hyphens/apostrophes or unusal characters in the Artist name or Album title?

There was a similar issue with albums ending up being split some time ago now which I did experience on a number of ripped CDs but this has been now fixed and corrected by HiFi Rose.

No, the interesting part is what I saw on RS520 is different from what I saw on RoseConnect App. Those splitting albums could show up as an album or different number of albums

It could actually be the [ ]. parenthesis symbol that is the cause of the split…

Try replacing/correcting those on your disc’s metadata (this cannot be done on the Rose, so you need to do it on your PC/Mac and using a music files editing software) and after a re-scan perhaps this will fix it…

I will try later today when I get back home, thanks

Even I have removed the parentheses, the album still splits into multiple albums.


Would you check the message please?


About the albums in the second picture…

Are all the albums in the photo stored on the NAS?

  1. The album named 903 id club
    Seems like the name of the album is exactly same, so they should be integrated.
    There could be multiple folders within the NAS, and if the same album exists in another folder, it could split into two albums. If it’s not too much trouble, could you go into the duplicated album and confirm the file path?

Rose APP > Music > Album > Tap the duplicated album > Tap three points menu next to songs > File information > Take a screenshot of the file path

  1. The album named Acoustic…
    Seems like the name of the album is different, ‘He sings…’ and ‘She sings’…

There’s no duplication on my NAS. Every Album sits on its own folder. Audirvana shows my collection correctly. The most frustrating thing is even the RiseCinnect App shows differently from the RS520. A album splits into 2 on the App when RS520 splits it into 4.


If so, please check the message.