Are you uncomfortable because your TIDAL is unstable? Try Caching!

Are you having trouble listening to music because TIDAL is sometimes very unstable?

Try ‘Caching’ in (ROSE)TIDAL.

[How to]

  1. Add internal or external storage.
  2. Go to [TIDAL → User → Setting]
  3. Enable Cache → ON
  4. Please select the storage path
  5. listen to music like as usual

When you watch Tidal as usual, everything is automatically cached. All songs you listened to are saved.

Depending on the caching capacity set, thousands of albums or more can be cached.

In that case, the songs you listened to once will be played in the cached storage, so there is no connection to the Internet.

The cached sound source is not only stored as the original, such as MQA, but also improves sound quality as it does not use a network.

Please use it conveniently for Tidal users.

Thank you.

*When the storage space is exceeded, the earliest saved sound source is deleted.

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can this function also be applied in roon mode?

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Do you have any problems with Roon and Tidal? It works flawlessly here.