Balanced/Unbalanced Output “Selection”

RS150B: when both the balanced AND unbalanced analog outputs are connected to other devices, why is there no option to select just one or the other? Or, if that option does exist, where on earth can I find it? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of. On my unit it seems both the balanced and unbalanced outputs are either both on, or they’re both off… there is no option to select one and deselect the other. Seems very odd, can someone please elaborate on this? Thank you.

They are not going to make 2 separate output stages. 1 for RCA and 1 for XLR.

What is the difference if both XLR and RCA are coupled? There outputs. Its not that the streamer can send 2 different signals anyways.

I wanted to use the RS150 to switch between two different analog destinations. If I can’t do that, so be it. But if the balanced and unbalanced outputs can’t be segregated from one another, why even have the option to turn them on or off… why not just have them on all the time? Also, when you look at the output screen on the unit it’s confusing, I don’t understand the point of having a checkmark next to each pair of outputs when you can’t do anything with one independent of the other. Makes no sense.