BT unstable for RS250

Unstable BT Controller

Unable to upload video which would explain what the issue is.
When using BT to locate play list or saved songs. Controller either doesn’t respond or decides to scroll across all saved play list then return to main menu on the left side of screen. This has been the case for some time but not all the time which is the frustrating issue. I hoped with SW updates this would get resolved :man_shrugging:t2:But not the case.
As I have said in a previous note it seems the controller needs an upgrade ? Or replacing with a fit for purpose product.
As previous people have said you have a high quality sound system being let down by cheap BT.


We apologize for any inconvenience during use.

There are some that cannot be selected when using the BT remote control.
Since this is based on Android, it is a problem that cannot be fixed by SW.
If you send us a video to see exactly where the remote control doesn’t work, we’ll check it out and fix the parts that can be corrected.

Please send the video in question to the email below.

Thank you