Cannot manage rose 150b from Android device

Cannot manage rose 150b from Android device. I just dont have the icon for managing the device (power, standby and so on). On other Android device I see this icon. The problem is on Xiaomi Pad5. Android version 11. Rose Connect version

On my smartphone there is an icon

And there is no icon on pad

Dear Rose team! Any comments here?

Just to make more clear… I have no such window on Xiaomi Pad5


Have you ever enlarged the text or changed the resolution in Xiaomi Pad5?

Yes I did. I have used different text sizes

Finally I have found it! The icon on tablet has ANOTHER look than on smartphone!!

  1. Press this icon
  1. Press this icon

3, Here we are!

So this icon appears in one particular window only! Obviously it should appear in ALL windows so the user can operate the device from all windows. And please make the icon look the same as on the smartphon please


Actually, it seems like UI issue between ROSE app and Xiaomi Pad5, since other galaxy tab and iPad has no issue about it.

Can’t you see the remote button even when you reset the enlarged text or resolution of Xiaomi Pad5?

Hi, Roseloa! No I cannot see the icon even on native resolution on Xiaomy, Yesterday I have upgraded the App and the device itself. In new app version I see very small green dot (maybe 2X2 pixels) in the right- upper corner of the screen. When I press this dot the correct remote controll button (icon) appears for very short time (maybe 0,1 sec) and it opens the remote control window. So in new version I see the small green dot instead of normal icon.


Thank you for the feedback.
I will check with engineer.

This small green dot means the device is connected to ROSE device, correct? So the remote control icon should be right under it. And it is there but it is not visible!


The green dot is added from last update. It means that your phone(or tablet) is connected to ROSE device.
Yes, the remote should be visible… going to check with engineer.
Thank you.


Still can’t see the remote control button after the latest update(4.1.03)?


OMG!!! I understand the problem now!! There was dark mode on my Xiaomi. This is kind of theme with white letters on black background. I have changed it to Light mode and here it is! So looks like Xiaomy transfers the button color from white to black in the Dark Mode.

Wow, I really couldn’t have imagined it.
I’m glad it worked out!