Cant log in as member via App or 150B

I have set up my account and member page ok but from app and 150B but cant use functions as keeps saying no member found and yet can turn on/off with APP but cant use features on either - help please


  1. Did you verify email after sign up?
  2. What’s your email address?
  3. Can you tell me the exact error message?
  4. RS150 > Settings > User > Do you see login page?
  5. Can you play radio without problem?

Thank you,

Hi Roseloa
yes email was verified
Cant log in from the 150B or Apple iPhone to use full services but both working otherwise.
Yes find login page ok on both sources but enter email and password always says no member found so cant get to use those services like ROSE Tube etc.
Yes can play radio ok


ROSE has two kinds of accounts. Account for homepage and account for ROSE device.

  1. Please check if you signed up in ROSE device(Or ROSE APP), not the ROSE homepage.
  2. If you verified your email, you can find password. What happens when you find password?

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Initially signed up on my PC with both Rose Account and Forum and used same email and password
Now cant sign in from app and if I try find password and enter reissue nothing happens

Do you think I should delete my account and from forum and start again.
If so how do I do that on the app and 150B to prevent this problem


Please check the message I sent you.