Delay all over the system RS520

The Rose RS520 has a major delay issue. No matter in which mode the amplifier is used, delays of about 0.5 seconds occur when processing the audio. Be it via COAX, over OPTICAL, but even when watching Rosetube music videos. Watching a drummer playing his drum set and the audio of the stroke is heard 0.5 seconds after the picture is no fun at all. With my previous setup (Primare i32 amplifier) this was never a problem. It’s really disappointing to spend double the money and then be confronted with such an error.

What is your solution? Couldn’t this be solved with a software update?


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Please check a few things.

  1. Are you saying that when you connect the RS520 to the TV, the video from the TV is out of sync?

  2. Doesn’t the sound and video sync with the RS520 even if the TV isn’t connected?

  3. If connecting to a TV via HDMI,
    RS520–>Settings–>Display–>HDMI resolution–> Try lowering it.
    Some of the CPU, RAM, or graphics card may be insufficient to properly support the video format.
    The higher the quality of the video, the better. This is the same reason that there is a delay in playback in the case of a high-quality DSD compared to a song file with a small file size.

  4. Try RS520–>Settings–>System settings–>Factory reset.

Thank you