Does the 150 Support subwoofer output?

Does the 150 Support subwoofer output?

I have an active SVS micro 8000 which has mono and stereo RCA inputs. How would the rose best be connected to it?

I believe hiFi Rose 150B supports this since both sets of outputs (Balanced and unbalanced) are active in Output settings. So, I can use unbalanced to a power amp that supports the unbalanced (then to loudspeakers) while at the same time, use the unbalanced RCA jacks to the powered subwoofer.

Technically yes. Both balanced and unbalanced are active. You don’t have low pass x-over control, but if you can have your powered sub handle this, it will work well.

I currently do this with my 150 and run the unbalanced to a swarm sub config. You can also get pretty creative with minidsp stuff to really dial it in…

thanks mfb…will use the SRS micro 3000, which has a lot of flexibility via its App

I also use the svs micro 3000 and did set lpf to 45 Hz and volume to -10db which works fine for me

I like those settings too, thank you.

Im still able to return mine for another 1.5 months… im not quite sure yet but im leaning towards returning it… I was excited that this was the high end Streamer…DAC… and Preamp that Ive been looking for. The fact that it has no sub out and no headphone power seems rather odd to me… especially in a package this $$$ and size…didnt even think that I had to check…my bad. It does sound very good but I miss my sub.

I just bought a pair of unbalanced splitters to send signal to sub and my amp.


Headphone out would be nice. Seems there is one on a less expensive Rose streamer but not the 150,

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I pair my Rose 150b with a Parasound P6 preamp and has both of those items (+ a lot more inputs)