First Use of RS201E, some Radio stations don't play

Hello everyone!
I just set up my new RS201E. He made a lot of updates. Unfortunately, many radio stations don’t work. Manual entry of the URL is also rejected. Error message: no valid ip address format.
I tried different stations. No success. All urls start with https: //
What could be the problem?

Thank you,
(from Germany)

S is the problem
try http without s

Thanks Michal!
I will try and report…


Hi there,
i tried to do the same URL without “s”.
Didn’t work.

None of my prefered Stations are working on Rose-Radio!

Any Idea?

Thank you,

After a while of t n’ e i’m close to a solution. By using the app it is more comfortable to try out then on the display. In some cases it works also with https! Some more functions, for example to set up favourites out of your added radio channels seem only to work in the app.
Maybe i just didn’t find out all the little things at the moment or maybe there are some mild bugs.

Radio stations in Rose are problematic. You cant search by genre, quality, etc.,
You can listen radio stations, only if u now exactly the name of station. You cant discover other radio station…only if you search “by country” .
And this is sad…


Would you let me know the URL that you tried?

it seems to me you fixed some problems with that.
Some Stations provide proper informations on streaming-URL, some did not.
I’m happy that you fixed all the German “Deutschlandfunk”-stations.
I tried out some of that by my self: You can find it here:

For some reason it works only with the main livesttream of StarFM Berlin.

But i couldn’t fix it for some other streams you will find here.

Hopefully you can do that with more success.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your post.

I will double check.

Can not own Internet radio stations be saved on SSD disk? Not on ROSE server. Sometimes there is no connection to the ROSE server and these stations cannot be played. They are invisible.