Google Chromecast

Hi, is Google Chromecast supported or available on any HiFi Rose products?

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Chromecast is not supported on HIFIROSE products.
No plan for now.

That’s disappointing that Google Chromecast isn’t supported when there are many more Android phones than Apple and you support Airplay…

Can I please add a feature request for HIFIROSE to support Google Chromecast that works on Apple as well as Android phones and tablets?

Thank you!

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I agree that Chromecast is a useful feature. Very few high quality products have Chromecast built-in. I really don’t want microphones on the product so it listens to me all the time, but I do want to have the convenience of streaming from YouTube Music or YouTube.
Also, as Dion noted, there are a LOT more Android users than Apple. That’s a huge market that is not being served by the high quality HiFi market.
Well done HiFi Rose for breaking into this market - your product looks really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing you develop your brand.

Thanks from Australia!

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Breaking in on this subject.

Hope you guys plan to implement google chrome. Would be nice if I could stream my videos/movie to it through the rose R150. It should be possible, I see VLC media streamer app on the RS150.

So stream from my pc into the google chrome that’s connected to theRS150. RS150 puts a video out via the HDMI to my tv and sound over my HIFI system. Now, that’s the DREAM :slight_smile: