HDMI output question

Will the HDMI output carry digital audio signals as well as 4K video? I have a ton of videos on my Synology NAS that I would love to be able to access.

Hello, if you select HDMI output, audio signals are also output via HDMI.
Are you trying to connect to AV receiver?

I will be connecting the hdmi output to an AV processor for all video content. All two 2ch audio will be connected to a Coda preamp via XLR. This should work beautifully, as I had hoped. The owners manual is very vague when it discusses hdmi video output, only stating that it will send 4K video content. Thank you for the reply.

Wait so you can’t transmit the video through HDMI and have the audio go out through the audio out RCA?

That’s my experience thus far.

I’ve received the unit and tried the HDMI out with video and audio out through RCA and you absolutely can do it. Under Inputs/Outputs you must select RCA for your audio out. Than during video play back, you push the button toggle switch on the upper right hand of the screen that sends the video out of your HDMI cord. The music still plays out the RCA. Hope that helps.

thanks! will try that tonite!

the button on the upper right, is that on the iphone/ipad app or on the RS130 unit itself?