Hello! I have a question!

Hi! I have just received the hifi rose unit RS 250. I have yet to set it up and configure it. I’ll be installing a Samsung 2tb ssd that I’m hoping I’ll be able to transfer about 300 cd’s worth of music that I previously ripped to my pc. I have a question: after I transfer all the files onto the RS 250, can I listen to my music library in random mode? This will probably be the first of many question I’ll have! :slight_smile: Thanks for replying!

Hello @e-spaz

First of all, thank you for using our Hi-Fi Rose device.
Answer to your question: Yes, you can listen to music in shuffle mode from your music storage.

Thank you have a great day.

Thank you for the reply! I’m looking forward to setting up the unit!

Vous verrez….ce Rs250 c’est une véritable petite bombe :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::musical_score::musical_score::musical_score::musical_score::musical_score:et bonne écoute.

Hello @e-spaz

Please Email me the ID, password, and name you signed up for.

Thank you.

I’ll have to get the ID when I get home from work. I’ll be home in an hour or so.

Can you tell me not the Rose ID, the E-mail when you log in.

When you use RoseConnect app, did you sighn in for the app?
There is no ID such as i_espaz@hotmail.com

Did you check your email and confirm the account. It’s a bit quirky… setting it up. You don’t get a notice or info, you have to confirm in an email from ROSE.

Also @ROSEHAN and @e-spaz I recommend not sharing your email in an open thread on a forum.
@ROSEHAN … I would edit/delete the thread.