Hifi rose 150B cycle colors on display

Hi All,

I brought a hifi rose 150b last Friday. It’s installed and updated to latest firmware. However, when it’s in standby mode for few hours the disply starts flashing red,green,white etc on a cycle.

When turn on and off the from the front panel or remote doesn’t do anything. Only way to get it going is do a power cycle from the back.

Should I return the unit? is it something can be fixed?

Can someone please help me on this? this happens when the unit is on standby.

You may want to try a factory reset. If that doesn’t solve the issue you may have a defective unit. Typically, if something is going to go wrong with any piece of electronic gear it will happen within the first 30 days. With that being said if the problem persists HifiRose will be less than helpful. Their post-sale customer service is horrendous so you will need to rely on your retailer or distributor for help,. Sorry to say. HifiRose continues to fall short on follow-up and actual customer service resolutions. @ROSELOA @ROSEHAN

I did try factory reset with no luck. Unit only 3 days old and noticed right after unit being in standby for a while. It wakes up randomly and cycle colors.

My suggestion would be to work with your reseller / distributor as quickly as possible as this is NOT normal behavior of the unit and either get a replacement or a refund. Depending what country you are in you may be required to have the unit repaired before it can be replaced or refunded. Again, Hifi Rose the manufacture will not be very helpful to you directly. They just build and ship the units but do very little for after market support if the hardware goes wrong, sorry to say.

Thaks @duffer5 I’m in USA. I will try with my reseller.

Since you are in the USA this is the direct contact for support with HifiRose products through the single USA distributor. They are the guys with the direct relationship with HifiRose and sell to all the retailers.


The support person’s name is James Trickle with Mofi.

Thank you so much @duffer5

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I’m sorry my answer was late.
I think you will have to contact the distributor in the country where you purchased to resolve this issue.

Thank you