How do I acces the hdd I installed in the 150

I have installed an internal hdd in the Rose 150. How do I acces it from my pc so I can transfer files to it from the pc. Is there any changes to be done in settings on the Rose?

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Page 30 in the user manual takes you through this step by step.
RS150B Manual

It is in pkt 5.3 the struggle begins.

Set SMB ID/PW in Storage Settings in System Settings. That is not happening :frowning:

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I will post you a link below
How to play music files in PC from ROSE device (SMB 1.0) - User Tips / How to - HiFi ROSE (

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If you want to access your external drive you need to ensure it uses SMD version 1. By default my NAS didn’t and the Rose couldn’t find it. As soon as I set the SMB share type to V1.0 I was able to connect the Rose to my external music library

Yes I figured that out yesterday. And that is great. Next step is to transfer the files from the NAS to the internal hdd. But I will look at the guide tomorrow.
But thanks for very usefull advice.