How do I delete my Rose account from this site?

I do not have my HiFi Rose RS150B anymore and will not be buying any other HiFi Rose product, how do I delete my user account from this site.

Hello @Gary

I have send you a message. Please check.

I’ve sent the requested details via email.


Hello @Gary

I sent you a message on how to unsubscribe from your account.

Thank you

I still want to delete my HiFi Rose account. I replied to your email 26 days ago saying I don’t have a RS150 anymore and I don’t have Rose Connect installed anywhere. I can not re-install Rose Connect on my iPad as it needs to connect to a RS150 to complete the installation.

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Please send me an e-mail with an e-mail registered for Hi-Fi Rose to the e-mail address below. We will then send you a security coad. Once confirmed, we will delete your account.
email address:

Thank you