How to make playlist, edit it, with Rose Connect

Hi Guys,

I’m looking at RoseConnect on my iMac and
1.I didnt see where I could delete, add songs to my 3 playlists-with Rose Connect
2.When I compare the number of songs in my playlist in Rose Connect(On my computer)with - the number of songs that are displayed in the same play list on Rose150B -the number of songs on my computer’s play list are much less.

I’m asking the question #1 because is much easier to make playlist, edit,delete with the computer than directly on the Rose150 screen.
I would like to have your opinions, suggestions -how to do it etc




  1. I’m sorry about playlist, since it’s a beta version, playlist for local files is developed in RoseConnect PC.
    (You can add Tidal and Qobuz to playlist - the yellow box button)

  2. Can you how me photo of it?

Thank you,