Impossible to add a network folder with RoseConnect (Mac)

Hello !
With RoseConnect for a Mac, I can’t add a new network folder (it works with RoseConnect for Android). Is an update coming soon?
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You missed a slash
smb:// or smb:// name in nas)/

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Thank you Aaron,
in fact, it works with only one “slash”, but I have to mount the 192… with the Finder/ Go/Network… it’s a bit twisted anyway; with several devices it’s so easy to access the content of the Nas!
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Capture d’écran 2022-03-10 à 08.53.50

Hello Herve,
I am using Synology Nas also, I show you my capture screen for your reference.

Hello Aaron,
thank you very much,my mistake was to put my name and password of the Synology, you just have to put the smb and the music folder then idem video.
Nice day to you,

Hello Hervé
Glad to know you solved the problem.

Nice day to you too.

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