Is it possible to use USB external DAC+analog out at the same time?


on the RS150B, is it possible to stream music using ALL of USB audio output as well as analog outputs?

  • I want to connect my external active speakers through USB audio output (my speakers also have their own internal DAC)
  • I want to connect a sub using analog out
  • I want to connect a center speaker using other analog out (for 3.1 set-up)
    Is it possible to do this and have all these outputs working together?

Thank you!


You can use balanced and unbalanced output at the same time, but not with USB out.

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thank you, this is useful! :slight_smile:

Follow-up question: is it possible both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs AND AES/EBU output at the same time? or this is also not possible?

You’ve decide between digital and analoge outputs.

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I see…i cannot use both digital and outputs at the same time then :confused:

So i suppose I cannot either use coax out and analog out at the same time?
that sounds really confusing to me…
how can i stream to a digital playback device then and use the analog out with a sub? what am I missing?

thank you