Is there a way to change the temperature to Fahrenheit

Can the clock screen temperature be set to Fahrenheit.


I will check about it.

Thank you.

I would like to be able to do this too. Is this an option? Thanks

Any Progress on this option. Thanks

I can’t understand that they marketed this product to a country where they use a different units and don’t provide any options for us to change. This is very basic.


It’s added in next update, the next update will be in a week.

Thank you,

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What other countries will be added?

Thanks much for addressing this modification. Will be on the look out for the update. Best regards. . . Byron

I was able to do that somewhere in settings, but can’t recall exactly where. However, although my temperature now displays in F and shows my correct location in the U.S., the scrolling Wind Speed still shows in kilometers/hr rather than miles/hr. So it is giving a mix of metric and English measurements.

Hello @Redbeemer01

The way to change the temperature unit
Rose device----Settings—Date and Time—temperature unit

Changing kilometers/hr to miles/hr or miles/h to kilometers/hr function is not available for now.
I’ll make a suggestion to the Software team.

Thank you.