Live calibration

Hi, could the implementation of an environmental corrector for example dirac be considered (on 150 B)?

Thank you


We are considering developing it, but it looks like it will be difficult in the near future.
We will let you know when the specific schedule is decided.

Thanks for the answer, more simply and in the immediate future I think it could be useful to implement intelligent loudness, which can be adjusted at will on the bass, for listening at low volumes. But it’s just an idea.
Thanks again.

Hi there, would like to chime in on the possibility of adding Dirac or equivalent in RS150B. I just made a deposit for this wonderful device but looping it externally to a lower grade DAC in 3rd party DSPs is such a waste of RS150B’s potential.

Sincerely hope it will be available in your 2023 roadmap.

It would be really amazing if he had Dirac live
For the Rs520


Are you planning to add a equalizer in the RS150 in the near futur ?