Missing Cover picture

🤦🏻I think I have to withhold my purchase until all App problems are resolved.

ys. u should, as it is just a Fundamental function. And I have already waited the update from September.

Has the problem been fixed?

Not yet. We are waiting for the new firmware update which is supposed to come out by the end of this month.

@Rick @tomwoo No… it supposed release by the end of Oct.
Right?? @ROSELOA

Hello @sammy02hk , @tomwoo and @Rick ,

However, in preparation for a big update, various issues arose, and the improvement work was delayed.
We apologize for not accurately predicting the situation and delaying the improvement work.
We’re in the final stages of releasing a big update in about ten days.
Once again, we would like to apologize to Rose customers.
Also, thank you for your patience.

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I’m fine with the wait as long as these issues get fixed :wink:

I’m a little disappointed that album covers still don’t show after the new firmware update…


Can’t you still see all the album covers that weren’t visible?

Please re-scan your music on your device.

  1. RS150B/250/201 > Setting > System Setting > Media Library > Select your Storage > Rescan DB
  2. RoseConnectPremium > Setting > Media Library > Reimport Database

If you still can’t see the album covers, please let me know the followings…

  1. Are the music files in internal storage or NAS?
  2. Is there a cover in the soundtrack or in the folder?
  3. extension of the music file
  4. Whether to scan media again
  5. Did you play the music via ‘FOLDER’? Or the MUSIC Home?

@ROSELOA , @tomwoo
I had exactly the same problem. Update RS150 and Android App. Rescan DB = Not a single cover. Delete DB an completly new scan = same result. factory reset, re-adding the media share (smb), Scan DB, the problem was solved. Now all covers are available again

Covers are stored in the Soundtrack. Music files stored on NAS (>130’000 tracks). Extensions .flac, .mp3, .dsf

I’ve already reimported and rescanned my database, the album covers still didn’t show up.
My music is in internal SSD storage, cover images are jpg files within each folder. My music are mostly FLAC files. I play music from music/album.
Again, covers show on the screen of RS250 normally, just not on the Android mobile app.

It’s really a joke to buy Product from Rose. I have been waiting from Sep… And finally, they release the updated version. I have followed every step to reload but the issue still here. Heads up for everyone, who decide to buy Rose product. For a digital transport, they can’t even show the cover pic in their apps from last updated which is Sep till now.

I am fxxking tired to struggle with their apps, just use this as a Roon transport.

I have all covers on my iPhone App but a lot missing on the RS250 screen. We may share our files and mobiles, everything MUST be fine then. :laughing:

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Hello. First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience.
There seems to be a mixture of problems with the album cover not appearing.
At first time, we got reported “Device(RS201) and Rose connect(App)” both of them has problem.
In this case, It seems that there is something to be improved. We will focus on this problem, and will do our best to improve ASAP.

However, If you have problem only in the Rose Connect (App), it seems different issue.
Album images are communicated through DLNA from Device (RS201/250/150).
So, Please check whether DLNA is enabled from your device. DLNA has to be enabled.

I hope some of our customer can solve the problem with this, and sorry again to make you inconvenience.


I can confirm disabling DLNA is what made my album covers disappear from Rose Connect App. @Sean please consider adding this information to the manual if you haven’t already done so. Thank you!

Ok let me follow the steps above these days try to see if album cover is back again. Currently still invisible on the rose app.

I have the same problems. Maybe a hint. With the app I can access my server and the selected songs will be played. The covers are displayed on the phone but not on the device (rs 150). If I go to my music folder on the server using the device’s touchscreen, I can display the cover manually. DNAL is on. Maybe this information will help. Before the last update, it worked perfectly.

Most of my cover images appeared after re-enabling DLNA. The only exception is some of the tracks I added to my playlist don’t show cover images in the track list view, but show cover images in the playback screen. Please note I’m talking about Rose Connect App on my phone, cover images show up fine on the device screen normally as always.


After this update, there is an error in the album cover exposure when accessing Music->Folder.
We will fix it soon and update it so that it all comes out as before.