Missing Remote Trigger on the RS150

Overall I’m very happy with my Rose RS150 after 2 weeks of usage.

What I really miss on the device is a Trigger Input. I have a Logitech Harmony and it works with IR only.
So I have to start the RS150 each time with the BT Remote or the App - which is not so comfortable for me.
How do you start your device?

Hello, RS150 does not support IR remote control and CEC function.

example via usb!
LUMIN Infrared Control Package

gr aaj

That’s a pity , one thing I am looking for is one overall capability for a remote, certainly when I also was looking for the RS150 to connect my TV via HDMI ARC, as it looks a very good match with what i am looking for. But it does not work for me having to deal with multiple remotes.

But it is working with Roon. Roon starts the device once it’s chosen.
I don’t like mutiple Remotes either - and I use a Harmony, but it does not help at all.
I’ll try to get a USB Remote and give it a try.

Hi, just joined the forum, because I’m on the fence of buying one. I have some questions regarding standby -

  1. will you be able to integrate CEC handshake in an update, so the device wakes up when I power on the tv?

  2. does it wake up when contacted via airplay?

thanks, jo

Hi @joh ,

about 2. the answer is no, it doesn’t activate from sleep when you try to use Airplay. You have to turn on the device by yourself before being able to use Airplay.


Would very much like to see HDMI-CEC integration. RS150B should have user selectable options to:

Power on TV when RS150 powers on.

Power on TV when selecting TV On in the video playback window or on the device.

Power on TV with a dedicated TV button in the Rose App remote control.

In conjunction with device detection and automatic input switching.

I have Rose RS150 connected to TV Samsung by HDMI and when I press power on Rose, TV powers on too. So Rose can control TV by HDMI.


Rose outputs HDMI signal when it’s ON, but no CEC signal.
I guess your TV has some kind of settings that makes TV ON when signal is input.

One of my customer has a LG TV, and he had his TV turned on when RS150B is turned on.
He could disable it with ‘simple link’ option in TV.
(LG TV > Settings > Simple Link(HDMI CEC) > Auto power > ON or OFF makes the difference.)
I’m not sure how the LG and Samsung TV you have works… but I guess you can control it with settings.
If you’re happy with it, good.

Just use one of the usb with 5v out , then into a 5v to 12v step up , into a 3.5 mm mono jack
KISS keep it simple stupid

I don’t get it - how should this work?
the RS150 does not have any Trigger IN Port - I wanted to get the Rose started from my AV Processor.
the work around is Roon which wakes up over Wake-on-Lan

Use the 150 as the trigger

The RS150 cannot start any other device, unless you would use HDMI CEC - which is nothing I use with the Rose.
And my Setup consists of more than just a TV and speakers. It’s the lack of either a trigger IN or a IR Port.
Anyway - I can live with Roon to start it.

Apologies sir I did not realise the usb ports are powered up when the rose is in stand by ,