Niet conecete met de hifi rosé server

Na de update niet meer te connecte met de server
Ook mijn account wil niet meer naar de fabrieksinstellingen???


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
I don’t speak German. I used a translator but I didn’t understand what it meant. Please provide detailed explanation in English.

  1. Please tell us the model name of the Rose device you use.
  2. Device environment that is connected and used together when using a Rose device
  3. Please describe in detail the symptoms you are suffering from.

De rosé 150b
Kan geen verbinding maken met de rose server
Ik gebruik een netwerk kabel


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  1. You said you are using RS150b as an Ethernet connection.
    If you enter the IP address in the order below, will your IP address be displayed properly?
    RS150b–>Settings–>Ethernet–>IP Address

  2. Can I use RS150b normally when connected to Wi-Fi?

  3. First, check whether the IP address is displayed normally, and if it does not appear, reset your router. If this doesn’t work, please factory reset RS150b.
    RS150b–>Settings–>System settings–>Factory reset