Overview of the RS201E radio function after 2 months of use

Since I listen to the radio a lot, this function is very important to me.
Unfortunately, I see major weaknesses here. Many stations that are otherwise easily available in Internet radio apps such as Tune In are not installed here.
It is possible to add them yourself via the app. This is not particularly convenient, especially since the correct URL can hardly be determined for some streams.
Another way is via the “community.roseaudio.kr.” Sometimes one of the admins also reacts at short notice to corresponding messages from users. Thanks for that!
But that’s not a long-term solution!? The stream of my favorite German station, “Deutschlandfunk Kultur” often simply stops. Switching to one of the 4 different streams (Opus, MP3 in different resolutions) usually helps.
From the beginning there were always dropouts for 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Other channels usually run anyway. Since I can easily receive the same station in the same WLAN via another streamer and Spotify is also running, for example, it will certainly not be due to the internet supply.
Really annoying!
Unfortunately, there are no station logos like other radio apps.
Dear ROSE employees: try to get this under control!

Thank you very much,

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You can add radio stations yourself! It is easy! As long as you have VALID url …

Hello Michal, I know and I’ve already done that. But as you can see, some URLs are not so easy to find out. On the other hand, that doesn’t explain the temporary failure of my favorite station as described. The “Teufel” streamer never has this problem with the same channel. He uses “TuneIn”. Thanks for your answer!

I have no idea how TuneIN works: is it url based or some other connection. If the URL is valid and radio station broadcasts there is no reason why it should not work. Rose’s support uses propably the same method to store radio stations as we do. They can not help if radio stations stops broadcasting or changes url stream. And yes, I agree, TuneIn would be much better solution.