Podcast list doesn't load well

I use the RS201E to listen to podcast.
However on most of the podcast, the list does’nt load properly and is often empty despite the available content.

As it is a transfer from the QnA here is the link to more complete explanation.

Those podcasts load properly within a Volumio system I have aside.

Do you have any ideas?




I’m sorry about the channels that you like. Those channels without the list will be hided as the API has no data about the channel. Also, the link you gave us doesn’t have up-to-date data. (Check the pubDate)
Because the data provided in the above feed url is stored in the database, it is not possible to update the latest data.
We will reopen the channel when we can when we can receive information about that channel.


I am not sure to understand correctly your answer.
When I check the “pubdate” within the link I sent, I find quite up to date content (6th of July 2021, 7th of july 2021…)
When I load those podcast with another podcast reader (volumio as for an example) I have the full content loaded for all chanel (all episodes).
In Rose, the rare channels that loads something present partial contents…

I am not an expert in Podcast and the way to retreive the data and the episodes but if I take the example of “Les Odyssées”.
On the official webpage Les Odyssées : un podcast original France Inter you can see loads of contents, latest added on the 6th of July (you have the RSS link under the “S’abonner” button)
In Rose, nothing is loaded…
So either the technology used to retreive the contents is not compatible (please explain me which you are using) or there is an issue in the way Rose is loading the content.

I clearly understand that it might look as a particular and personnal issue but podcast are widely used and I cannot imagine to be the only one in this situation.



About the “Les Odyssées”, I can see four contents updated on July 6th, 2021 via ROSE.
Can you check your RS021 if it’s on the lastest version?

RS201 - Setting - System Version Information - 3.8 - Lastest version
RS201 - RoseStore - RosePodcast -


My Rose is in aftersale maintenance since the volume button just broke and went back with a dent.


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Bonjour Baptiste,
Mon bouton de volume a cassé aussi…! Je comprends que pour Rose, ça rentre dans la garantie, est-ce bien cela? Son-video chez qui je l’ai acheté me dit que non… merci par avance de votre réponse. Cordialement,

Ps : Baptiste vous êtes bien français j’espère :wink:

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Are you in France?
Please contact ‘ELITE Diffusion’, the main distributor in France.

If you’re not French, please check this link and contact to your distributor.

Hello Roseloa, thank you for your reply. FYI I complained through Son-vidéo my retailer in France who passed it on to Rose. It’s not a misuse on my part, it is a misconception on yours I think because this part is too fragile (and was changed in the new model above the Rs201).

Anyway, I managed to repair it, with glue and a tiny hole in both ends, where I put a piece of nail to tighten the assembled pieces. Hope it will last… regards, Narito

Hello @Narito

I apologize for what’s happened.
Please contact the distributor in your country.
Follow the link that ROSELOA posted.

Thank you.

Salut Narito

Dsl pour le retard de réponse.
Avez vous pu regler votre pb?

Mon problème avait été pris en charge par la garantie mais on m’avait fait comprendre que cela n’était pas normal. J’avais argumenté quelques trucs qui avaient fini par marcher.
Après je pense que j’étais un des tout premier a avoir acheter un ROSE en France, p’te que ca a joué.


++ for Narito and this weak piece regarding the volume button.
This is really too fragile regarding the use one can have, not talking about misusing but just in normal conditions.

Hi Roseloa,

Still not working btw.
Some podcasts list are still empty.
I am also using a volumio system based on a Raspberry pie and it loads correctly all epidoes of the podcasts of those addresses.

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Bonjour Baptiste, pas de garantie mais un bricolage qui fonctionne pour l’instant. J’ai collé et armé la jonction à l’aide d’un morceau de clou glissé après micro-forage des deux côtés. :cowboy_hat_face: