Polish - 'Radio 357' - no stream

Internet radio - ‘Radio 357’ - one of the most popular stations in Poland does not work. After selecting the station as well as after entering the address given from the web page of the Radio 357, the following message appears: "The channel stream cannot be opened temporarily"

This has been happening for over 2 months now (RS 150, 250).

The station provides these links to the stream:
Format AAC:
Format MP3:

Can I count on a solution to the problem ?


Sorry about the problem with radio.
Also, thank you for report. We will check the radio channel as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Ilość stacji radiowych z Polski jest tragiczna. Jest szansa na aktualizację?


Do you have a channel you would like to add? If you know the address, please let me know.

RoseFM no poland Mariusz Ferster

Napiszę po polsku, będzie łatwiej się komunikować.
Stacje można dodawać manualnie w zakładce
Radio → Userchannel → Add Broadcast Channel
Najwygodniej jest robić to poprzez aplikację na PC.
Adresy polskich stacji znajdziecie na tej stronie:
Nie wszystkie adresy działają więc przed dodaniem stacji trzeba się upewnić, że tak jest wklejając URL w nowej zakładce przeglądarki.

Niestety nie wiem czy jest limit ilości stacji które można zapisać.

I’m added two new radio stations in my RS150B and it says channel stream cannot be opened temporarily.

I’ve found out it won’t add https for some reason.
Any suggestions?
Regards Matt

My station (also ://https address) had already been programmed by default by ROSE in the unit and one day the same message as yours appeared. Trying to manually type in the address didn’t help.

My problem was solved by ROSELOA a few days later after i reported it and until today everything is OK. Probably the problem lies somewhere in the software.

Hi Hifi Rose,
We need Tune In Radio it would a brilliant app as I use it all the time on my previous Pioneer streamer and my iphones.
Regards Matt.


Tunein or other radio apps are under consideration to be able to do IN-APP. However, even if we want to add it, if the APP rejects it, we cannot add it, so please understand that it is difficult to guide the exact development schedule.

I will add those channels for UK.

Could you add this UK channel for me please? https://www.soulcentralradio.co.uk

Ok thanks there’s is a a few more radio stations I need you to add in the UK please,
Would that be ok to post the links?
Regards Matt.

Please can you add these radio stations? As I do listen to them on Tune In Radio.






Regards Matt.

The first 2 radio stations are there and working can you please add the others please?
Regards Matt

Hi Roseloa,
hopefully you will get it done with Tune In.
The Raumfeld Connector from German Company “Lautsprecher Teufel” included that Feature without Problems.

Counting on you!

proszę o dodanie radia TOK FM 97,4 MHz

Hello @radcaSK
Please try

  1. Click Radio app
  2. Click User Channel
  3. Click add broadcast channel button
  4. URL: http://wroclaw.radio.pionier.net.pl:8000/pl/radiotok3.ogg
    copy and paste the link above.

Have a great day!