Power Cord Question

The owner’s manual states not to use power cords other than those provided by Rose? Does using a Shunyata or similar brand name power cord really risk damaging the unit? If so, why?

We recommend using the supplied power cable, but you can use another cable. However, it is recommended not to use non-certified cables outside of the standard.

I don’t see why not. I tried many different type of cable with the RS150.
To my disappointment, every cable inflicted different sound on the RS150.

I was hoping that it has linear power supply, quality of power cord would not matter but it does in my system. Even adding isolate transformer gives better separation and black background.

Supplied power cord compare to higher end one such as Audioquest hurricane or TelleriumQ Ultra Silver or even my DIY Neotech 3001 III Silver+Furutech FI28(R) is completely different in sounds quality and signature. Aftermarket power cord gives more detail, more air, more separations, more dynamics. Before anyone doubt this, fly to Bangkok and I’ll give you a listen as I have to over 10 people who don’t believe and now hear with their own ears.

Compare to my power amp (Gryphon Diablo 300), I can throw stock cable or 5000$ cable on it and it makes no difference as the transformer is high quality.

I hope next version of ROSE streamer has better transformer that render power cord insignificant.

Well 1 things is fun! you can tweak the RS150 to your taste.

But as ROSALOA said. be sure your cable is safe! In some countries solid-core powercords are not certified.

I tried several powercords on the 150B and so far the Triode Wire Labs American Digital is by far the best and it just happens to be the least expensive PC in my system. Kudos to TWL for making such a great digital PC. The soundstage just opens up and dynamics are amazing. BTW, my system is plugged into the excellent Isotek V5 Aquarius line conditoner which in turn is powered by a Shunyata Sigma XC powercord coming from a dedicated 20 amp line with a Furutech Nano duplex receptacle.

Using Iso Tek Evo 3 cables and Iso Tek Aquarius power conditioner. No problems.

I’m using a VooDoo Moto digital power cord and it works great.

I 100% agree power cords have a major effect on the sound signature of this unit but I think it’s a positive not a negative. I tried about 6 different cords on it some sounded bad some made this sound like it should cost three times the price. In the end I settled on a crystal cable and it’s just mind blowing the difference in resolution and body/weight to the music. Happy listening :ear:!