Problem UHM from my ROSE RS150B

I recently changed amplifiers (I went from an Accuphase E250 to an E280).
Unfortunately JUST REPLACING THE Amplifier (so I just removed the old one and mounted the new one using the same cables in the exact same position) I found that the speakers emit a “hum” or “hum” as soon as I turn on my Rose RS150B and this “noise” comes from the unbalanced signal cables connected from the Rose to the accuphase.
I did a test and this happens with both balanced/unbalanced cables or even USB from an EXTERNAL DAC CONNECTED TO THE ROSE!

I tried to connect another source from another brand (a MARANTZ SACD player) and I connected it to the same input that I used to connect the ROSE and this problem is not present with the Marantz (so the noise comes from the Rose itself)

What do you recommend me to do?
I read in the forum that I’m not the only one who has had this problem…unfortunately…

Thank you


Hum noise could potentially be a defect in the product itself, but it can also occur due to differences in the ground status of various audio devices. Did you experience any noise when using the E250?

Noise is a problem that cannot be resolved through software. If the issue persists even after standardizing the grounding, it might be advisable to contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product.

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Have your reconnect the E250 to RS150B to see the hum happen or not ?

I don’t need to try it again (also because I’ve already sold it). I’ve had it at home for 5 months and have never noticed any noises of any kind. Today I have to try the same implant chain again on a shop and let’s see what happens.

I wanted to update you on the matter since I had the great fortune of being able to try my own chain from a local retailer who actually had in house:

-Rose RS 150 B new.
-KEF Q950

Let’s not take into account that in addition to my own chain, the shop also has high-end shielded cables for both power and signal and network analyzer…

The test was done with both balanced, unbalanced and even semi-unbalanced cables.

Result: THE “BUZZ” is present with any cable used and comes from the ROSE RS150B (with other electronics the problem does not exist).

Dealer’s response:

Unfortunately, the AI ​​loop generates in particular situations…certainly the e280 and Rs150 combination is one of these


“fortunately” the buzz (or loop) as soon as the volume is raised slightly is no longer perceptible but you know how it is… With what this electronics costs (ROSE) and even more so with the combined amplifier (ACCUPHASE E280) and with the cables matched (I can assure you that they are no different)… this is very annoying…

ROSELOA…frankly I have my serious doubts that I am the only user to have this annoying problem…. advice???..the importer of your products advised me to use products to block the HUM (For example a product from IFI AUDIO DC BLOCKER)…What do you think about this??? Thank you

Roseloa….could you respond to what I described in the discussion?


Please check the message.