Problem with "All Play" playback

For some time now I have had a problem with the operation of my RS150. I open any album on my disk, turn on the AllPlay button and the device plays only the first song instead of all the songs in sequence (as it always was). If you press the Next button while playing the first song, instead of the next song from this album, the device plays songs from the Playlist of recently listened songs.

Can you please help me solve this problem?

I don’t have this problem, but I tried to reproduce it.

The 150b plays music from a queue. Whenever you tell it to play something, it goes into the queue. In settings, there is a MUSIC OPTIONS setting that tells the player what to do with what you selected. On my machine, I have this setting to LISTEN NOW which places what I have selected to the bottom of the queue and starts playing it - so with play all the entire album is placed in the bottom of the queue, and all prior played content is above it.

Another factor is the settings on the queue itself. There are settings to shuffle the items in the queue. There is a repeat option too. These are icons in the queue.

One last factor is AUTOPLAY from the recommended playlist. This toggle within the queue itself will suggest and start playing items that are not in your current queue, but are suggested items that you may like.

So with all of the above settings, I was able to reproduce a similar scenario to yours. I had items in my queue to listen, I selected a new album to be played and my next song was from my prior content in a random order.

You should check these settings noted above. Some or all of them may be driving your situation.

If you want to reset your queue, I suggest that within the queue, you select all items and delete the queue. That should clear things up. You can then also check the other settings to determine how you want playback to occur - shuffle, repeat, etc.

The playback queue is one of the most powerful but confusing features of the Rose system. Once you set it properly, it is extremely powerful as it provides a dynamic playlist of sorts.

You may also want to look at the MUSIC OPTIONS setting. There are lots of options including the ability to clear the queue and replace it with what you just selected.

I hope this helps.

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Im having the same issue, Just started today. So far tried to reboot the system, re install the app. When I tested it, the all play function works perfectly when selected on the player itself, however when you select it actually on the app it only puts one song into the playlist. There is a problem with the app.

Hi Manny,

Thank you very much for your help.
I tested all settings in Music Option. I rebooted the system. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The situation is the same every time: I open a folder with any songs in any format on my drive (internal or external) and press All Play. If the Playlist is empty, Rose only adds the first song to it, plays it, and then stops. It looks as if I clicked not the All Play button but the first song and wanted to play only the first song. This happens with all settings in Music Option.

I have no more ideas on how to solve this problem, and clicking every few minutes to play another song is a nightmare…

It’s an issue with the Rose app. All Play works fine if you manually select it from the machine itself. However it doesn’t work within the app. I’ve tried it on two seperate devices, iPhone and iPad and it doesn’t work on either.

I’ll have to try with a folder. All of my music is basically ripped from CD onto an internal SSD. I don’t seem have to issues using the app or on the machine.

What I am doing is selecting an album and pressing the play button which is the all play. This is working for me.

@ROSEHAN I can confirm with my testing that the problem noted above occurs with the IOS and IPad OS apps, but NOT with the Android app.

The problem occurs only when using a folder (using the IOS app) to PLAY ALL contained in a folder. If you select the corresponding indexed album using the IOS app, it will correctly load all of the songs into the queue. But selecting the same Album via its folder, then only the first song makes it into the queue when using the IOS app. Again, this works correctly with the Android app when PLAY ALL is selected for a folder or the album in the Music application.

So that’s why it’s not being widely reported as its IOS specific. Does your’s work correctly when selecting the all play from the front panel, bypassing the IOS?
This needs sorting ASAP. I never index my drive as it takes too long and im always adding / subtracting music from it.

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I tested it and I can confirm it: this is a bug in the IOS application, which probably appeared during one of the updates, because it worked without any problems before.

On Android devices everything works fine.

Has this bug already been reported to ROSE?

I dont know, im not sure how to report directly to them other than putting a post on here in the hope they see it

always same problems with IOS app…if you play music from the app the selected track starts correctly but the following ones go randomly… in addition to this Qobuz does not update the playlists and by selecting a track it plays the first track of the playlist…frustrated by this thing…is it possible that with every update you really have to pray that everything works correctly on a €4,000 machine?!?.. .I love my Rose but I’m very disappointed with this thing😓

Yes, mine works if I do the all play from the front panel.

So, this seems to be isolated to IOS app.

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So has anyone reported the issue to Rose or knows how to report it to them?

Yes, Rose staff monitors these boards. You can call their attention by using including ROSEHAN or ROSELOA with an @ sign within the text so that they get a call out on the topic.

Of course, fixing the issue will go into their fix queue.