Qobuz search function closes app

Every time I try to search in Qobuz on my RS150b, the app closes itself and sends me out to the Home Screen on my computer. Any thoughts here?

Mine is doing the exact same thing.

Same here. Whenever I search for artist name or titles, it closes the application.
Any suggestions?

I’ve the same issue. Mine, an RS250.

Hello @HifiHandyman @doimehifi @Youc130 @TerryM

Currently, when searching for an artist or music on Qobuz from an iPhone or iPad, there is a phenomenon that the Rose Connect app exits. This will be fixed in the next update. Does anyone have any other issues besides this one? Please tell me if there is.

Thank you.

I have no more issues.

Thanks for the work.

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I would like to mention one other issue. When using Radio, the feature to see the song being played, instead of the radio station being played, requires that you press the button for every song. It would be sensible to press this button once (or not at all) to see every song title as it plays. Once we log into our selected radio station we know where we are so constantly displaying the name of the station, vs the song being played, is not useful. Thanks for listening.


Thanks for your explanations.
Finally I removed the app. And installed it back.
Now it works great. But me either can’t search an artist with Qobuz: app exits as you said.
Waiting for the next update.

By the way how to search podcasts. Few and not the best are avalaible in French.

Have a nice day.

Good morning , I had a question. I’m new to this. Rose is telling me that I cannot download Qobuz music to my internal ssd hard drive I installed in my Rs250. So, when I buy a song on Qobuz, where does it go ? Do I download it into a computer ? A external hard drive, does it just stay in a account somewhere in the cloud? And then my other question is, if I can’t download Qobuz into my internal hard drive , then how do I get hi-res music on to it? From my PC ? I ripp cds into it from a external drive ?
Thank you for your help.

Hello @Aceofbase

From our Qobuz app, you cannot save directly to your SSD hard drive. There is a way to use the song downloaded from a PC after saving it to a SSD hard drive.

Thank you