Remote BT doesn't work anymore after update

Remote BT doesn’t work anymore after the update. I tried to link the BT remote again. It shows but am not able to link it anymore to my RS150B

Hello @Tom_one

Can I try connecting the BT Remote again after factory reset?
Rose device—>Settings—>System Settings—>Factory Reset

This link explains how to connect the BT Remote
(77) Hi-Fi Rose | Pairing your Remote - YouTube

Thank you


Well, I didn’t reset. I should shut BT on the RS150B of and on. After that, I could reconnect the remote again.

thank you for your suggestion. But hitting the factory reset on all little bugs is not something I want to do.

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Thank you for your comment; I tried your suggestion and it worked perfectly as I was having the same issue after the firmware update. Much better/easier than doing a factory reset!