Rescan of media library

I have 15000+ ripped CD in my media library. If I am adding lets say 2 more ripped CD it will take 3 days to do a rescan of the media library.

Is there another way to let my RS150B recognice the CD without to do a 3 day rescan?

If not, i would propose to have a function “Scan for new entries”


That’s one of the reasons, why I got Roon.
the Rose is not intendet for such large amounts of data - even if it could.
But there’s much wait time I assume, until you can listen to newly added stuff.
Somehow, a differential scan (automated) would be solving your problem.
As I don’t use the Rose Library at all - cannot say.

I have only around 6400 CDs in my collection - I did the ripping on the PC, including proper tagging.
The CD are on my NAS - and Roon manages the rest.
Rose is degraded to Streaming. That’s how I use it.


I also have Roon and all my music on my NAS. I have stopped using Roon because music sounds better when played via RS150B and it’s scanned library. Thats why I really support your proposal of a differential scan as a solution to end long scanning processes when you have added music to your media library.


ITS NONESENSE the slow scan time .they are losing sales with this and all the other querks

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Same problem here. My Cambridge audio can do this but my hifi rose 150 not.

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You can simply add the file folder of the new music to the Rose disk internal storage. SMB to the internal storage of your Rose. In a separate windows explorer, open your your storage (mine is on a USB hard drive attached to my PC), copy the file folder of the new ripped music, paste in the appropriate folder under rose disk (mine is by artist). I just did this; to test I deleted an album on the Rose disk (internal storage) then copied and pasted the same album from my USB hard drive folder. Took about 10 seconds (If that), to transfer 300+MB. Album art work is part of the folder, so it is displaying the correct artwork.

I have my music on a NAS, 12 TB, not on a internal storage like SATA, USB or Micro SD. So that would not be a solution for me. I copy my ripped music to my NAS and then it will take 3-4 days to rescan the media library for new music.

I’m sorry about the function you mentioned do not exist in ROSE yet.
Still, it will scan a lot faster than the first scan.

It is indeed an urgent matter !
Everytime I add some content to the (almost full) 1TB internal SSD, it takes hours to do the Rescan of media library which is unacceptable.
My Cambridge CXNV2 (with an identical external 1TB SSD) takes just a couple of minutes.

This feature should have been around forever. It would also be useful an additional option that would indicate only the latest content (audio & video), in the internal HDD. We hope it will be implemented in the next fw.

I totally agree :+1: and I own also an rs150 and a cxn.

Please fix this issue ASAP.
Yesterday and once again, after adding a few files to the internal disk, I had to wait hours for the rescan of media library !

You’re right. I own my RS150B for a year now, and I think selling it because and only because it takes hours to rescan from my NAS.

We need a method from Rose that works like when you RIP a CD from an external drive. Those folders created from a RIP have metadata which are treated like their own DB and they get registered instantly into the main library - taking only seconds.

When you copy files via SMB, etc. the folders look the others, but they are not registered until you do a RESCAN from the main DB.

You can RESCAN a ripped CD folder as a separate DB instantly with new album art and other metadata changes.

@ROSEHAN Is there any way to publish the metadata or method to convert a manually copied folder as if it was a RIPped CD DB? That would solve the slow scan issue noted by others.

Rose have a big problem with the fundamential construction of their media library database. When I add a new CD to my media library using Roon I can see the new CD instantaneous in the library.
Why can’t Rose do that?
This has to be fixed by Rose because people are turning away from Rose because of this.
I can handle this now because i only use Rose in folder view where i can find my new ripped CD’s.
But again Rose, what’s the problem? Why have you choose an database implementation that don’t allow an immediate serchable uppdate of the media library.

If you add an SSD drive to the RS150 and you RIP CDs, then it works instantly. I can see folders added to the library with hidden “linux” metadata files for each track along with the FLAC files and front cover jpg. This can be viewed connecting to the SSD via SMB, etc. Doing this immediately updates the master database and you see your new album and cover art.

You can also update the album art by overlaying the front.jpg cover art image which a new one. You then have the option to update JUST that database for that new CD.

If that method can be applied to options when copying new CDs via SMB, etc., then it would be workable as these changes are fast. Similarly, those scanning external libraries would also benefit by scanning just new content.

My SSD library has about 600 CDs that I ripped. Each RIP is fast and updated to the library. However, if I copy a CD folder via SMB file share to the ROSE, then I have to update the main DB manually and that takes about 25 minutes with a library the size of mine.

I agree with the others that Rose needs to expose a method to allow identification and indexing of new content without having to scan through the entire library. On my local SSD, it takes 25 minutes - I can see it taking hours if that was to be done via the network.

I’ve just added some new files to the internal SSD (via SMB) and the local rescan of media library took about 3 hours !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
This is really unacceptable and needs an URGENT solution !!
My Cambridge CXN-V2 does this in a matter of minutes…

To Hi-Fi Rose Users

Each user has different DB lists.
Scan completion time may vary due to various factors such as a large number of DBs or meta information.
However, we also think that we are not fast enough to scan, so we are continuously improving the scanning speed.

Even if you feel uncomfortable while using it, please give us your time with a generous heart.

Thank you

So, you’ve also to test with a bit bigger libraries. For me a rescan (GB-LAN) takes over 8 hours with 5TB on the internal 8TB SSD.
LMS takes here 2 minutes, ROON only seconds,…

Yes, each user have their own DB list but the the set up of the DB list is the same for all users depending on how Rose has constructed the DB.

I can understand and live with the fact that scanning my media library the first time takes a lot of time.

But I can’t accept that the scanning, when adding a new CD to my media library, will take 40-50 hour every time I add a CD because I have a large library.

Rose have to go back to the drawing board and reconstruct their DB or else you have to give a warning that Roses pruducts are not for those people who have a large media library.
As you understand you are not going to solve this problem by trimming the scanning speed. You will never come down to the same scanning time as Roon and other companys because of how you have constructed your DB.

I have given Rose my time with a generous heart for more than a year now. How much longer shall I wait?