Rose Connect App shuts down


Since a few upgrades of the Rose Connect App, the app shuts down after searching for an artist, using Qobuz.
When the artist is found and I click on that artist, the app closes itself.
For example, see artists Owen Ear, Zachary Lucky.
App vesion 4.05.06

Can this be fixed?

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I have the same when I click on let’s say see all albums
Sometimes it closes but not always


Hello @Hen3 ,
We checked the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Hello @Bitspeed ,
Is your case the same as Hen3?
(iOS RoseConnect / Qobuz / Owen Ear / App crach when touching ‘View All’ button of artists?)

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@ROSELOA I use the android version
But issue is almost the same
The app shuts down when I search for some artists album and then click " view all albums"
Sometimes, not always

Although there was no upgrade for the Rose Connect app for my iPad (app version is still 04.05.06), the app crashes now also when I scroll down the tracks of an album in Qobuz.
For example: Chase Rice - the album (acoustic) or Fleetwood Mac - Behind the mask.
This has never happened before until today and it doesn’t do that with any album.

Hello Hen3,

We checked the issue. We will fix it as soon as possible.

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Have the same issue with 4.1.6
Select Music - Albums. Page 1 displayed. Go to page 2 then App shuts down. Viewed previous comments seems that problem across all music inputs.


  1. Was it from ROSE unit? Or ROSE APP in phone?
    (If it’s phone, Andorid or iOS?)

  2. The latest version for ROSE unit is 4.1.08. Do you see the same issue with 4.1.08?

Hi Roseloa,

1 I was using Rose Connect from my PC using Windows 10. When you open, version No 4.1.6 is shown in the top left hand corner.

  1. When using Phone iOS RoseConnect App ver 4.05.06 and Rose-BF 4.1.08 is listed when opening the settings tab.

When using the phone able to view all albums in my Music tab but no art work showing.

Is there a newer version for the PC ? If so we’re can I download it from?

Thanks for you support


I see, 4.1.6 is the latest version for PC.
I will try to fix the issue.

Thank you.

Yes, I have the same problem on my iPad using the app. When I listen to a song or album and then want to go back to my network share folders to select more music to play, the app will often abruptly shut down for no apparent reason.