Rose Connect Problems (2 of 5)

There is a problem with alphabetical sort of artists look at the artists names of the middle right three artists. This is just one example and happens all the time. I’ve checked my metta data (it all works fine with other streamers) it’s all stored on an internal SSD, it also happens with external storage.


Hello Gray,

We will check the APP and fix it.
Thank you for your report.

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Hello, I’m a new RS250 owner and I have exactly the same problem. The Artists in the Roseconnect app are not in alphabetical order - is there a way to sort them?

I have the latest SW and app installed and the source of the music is Synology NAS if that helps.

Thank you

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Hi, I have tested it several times, tried delete the database, rescan many times.
The result is that the Artists are sorted alphabetically on the RS250 device, but not in the iPhone app (In the Music/Classification/Artists)
When I tried to connect external drive the issue is gone, everything is sorted fine. Just when I connect Synology NAS, the artist are in random order in the iPhone app.

Any idea what could be the issue?

Thank you