[Rose Platform 4.0] [OTA] SW Ver 4.0(Rose 4.0.08) OTA Release

I installed the update today, everything is fine. Thank you!!!


We apologize for any inconvenience.
If you are still having problems, please check the message.

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I have same problem with downloading version 4.0.08 for ROSE 201 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If error keeps happening even after reboot, please check message.

Thank you,

This bug has not been fixed I mentioned in SW4.0.05 thread before:-
“When playing a series of DSD files, occasionally there was an annoying short “pop/crackle” noise before playing next song. This problem had been found in early V3.x firmware in my RS201 and solved in V3.8 completely. Unfortunately, it happens again in V4. Please debug ASAP, thanks!”

Hello, i just purchased a rose 250 and I have same problem with downloading version 4.0.08 for it. I’m connected to ethernet and have tried wifi as well, same err_connect_timeout message.@roseloa


I sent email.

Glad it worked :slight_smile:


I purchased a Rose 250 and can also not update to 4.0.08. Please help tot fix this problem.

Thank you,

Hello 4.0.08. will not install Please help tot fix this problem. RS150. !

Hello! I just bought a new RS250… But I am having a hard time updating the system to 4.0… It will always say ERR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT… I tried WIFI, Ethernet, Hotspot for connections and still won’t download. PLEASE HELP… Thank you

Hello @Marcel , @Amsterdam and @HifiJune

I’m sorry about the update issue.

Would you check and message me…

  1. ROSE ID → (ROSE device > Settings > SystemInfo > ROSE ID)
  2. Your region
  3. Your email address
  4. your ROSE device model

Click my profile and click ‘Message’ to send me message.

Best Regards,

Hello @ROSELOA ,

If you may please help me out, i’ve been trying to update my rose device and keep getting the “ERR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT” error. I also am not able to use my applications due to

  1. ROSE ID: 0B97F1
  3. EMAIL: jrb9027@gmail.com
  4. MODEL: RS250

Please advise how I may update my device. Thank you so much.


Would you check the message?

Rose ID: 0B97B1
Region: USA
Email: enriquezjune25@yahoo.com
Model: RS250

I was able to update to the new software just a few hours ago but still wanted to know how to troubleshoot my unit in the event it happens again… thanks

Hello June,

It was error from here ROSE server, for users in USA.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

  1. ROSE ID : OB4520
  2. Your region The Netherlands
  3. Your email address: marcelzeilen@gmail.com
  4. your ROSE device model ROSE RS 250


Would you check your email?

I am having the same problem with new unit, right out of the box. RS250 won’t update. Get the ERR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT on/off. Then (when I believe it should be finished updating) it says “Checking the package. The device is going to reboot” - which is eternal! I unplug the RS250 from the wall… Wait… and plug it back in. Things work pretty well then, but NO Update! Can you help? Just bought this unit.

ROSE ID = 0C87D5
EMAIL = jpaussa@comcast.net

Hello SoulshineJohn,

I’m sorry about the issue. Have you tried update with WIFI or ethernet?
If you’ve tried with WIFI, would you check if it’s the same with ethernet?

The ethernet worked! Had been using WiFi. Thank you.