RoseConnect improvements suggestions on iPhone


There are few points, that would greatly improve my experience as a user in the RoseConnect app (maybe some of them were already raised by other users):

  1. Reordering/hiding the icons in the bottom row - like Radio, CD, Tidal etc. It is possible on the device, but not in the RoseConnect app?

  2. Gestures - most of the apps on iOS use system wide gestures, like swipe from left border = go back, or swipe down on the “Now playing” screen minimizes the screen. It would be very useful when using the iPhone with one hand.

  3. I miss the Artist/Album view in the “Classification/Artist” screen. For example when I have Artist with 10 albums, it’s a long list of songs and there is no option to play just one album. It would be nice to have the option to first go to album, then songs.

  4. In the “Album” screen it would be great to have the option to sort albums by Artist first, so the albums of one artist will be placed together.

Other than that the streamer is great.
Thank you.

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Thank you for the suggestions.
Your suggestions are about development team, so I will let them check it.
About No.1, RoseConnect for Android has such feature, but not added in iOS yet.

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