RoseConnect status of developement

Hi Rose fans,
at first I want to congratulate HifiRose to the outstanding hardware (RS250).

But let us talk a little bit about RoseConnect:
As you can see there are a lot of topics not solved at the moment.
The idea of RoseConnect and especially RoseTube is really great - I love it. For me it is like a small Roon.

Some things I cannot understand:

  1. Time to skip title or in title skip foreward (sometimes up to 4s) is much slowlier than with remote control or directy at RS250 screen

  2. Tochscreen (Samsung Tab S6 Lite, Android 11) does not react properly. Only sometimes you have to tip 5 times until it works. Or you cannot scroll down to the list of suggested titles because cover, Text and icons of playing title cannot be moved up. But in the suggested list (then very short on screen) scrolling up or down works fine

  3. When using the tablet in landscape, some icons (loop, skip back, pause, skip foreward, crossfade) get really small app. 1mm height. Pressing it is more than tricky. In portrait mode it is ok.

  1. In German, below volume control, there is always shown “Der VU-Modus wurde geändert”. Sorry that means absolutely nothing.

  2. Sometimes wrong covers from USB-Media are shown. In my Logitech Squeezebox Touch it is correct.

  3. Text too small in lists of titles. Title 3mm, Interpret 2mm. Absolute nothing for me! (60+). But there is enough free black space.

  4. I am not able to play the list of associated titles you get when pressing the small double-circle above volume control. It plays 1 title from the list and then it pays any old playlist, always the same from RoseTube (that nerves!)

May I give a hint to the developers of HifiRose:
Roon has worked on all the small details very hard. The success give them right.
I really hope HifiRose will do the same, especially because you have such outstanding players.

All the best

I just solved problem 3 (1st part above picture), adjusting a smaller type height in Android standard adjustments.


Thanks for your advice. We will take a look your points. Yes. Roon is great SW for Audiophiles. We will also do our best to provide better service.

I think item 4 “wrong covers” shown on display may be a fault of metadata.
In “Total Commander” are the covers not shown as well.
At Logitech SB Touch it is ok as written.

Relax and listen