RoseRadio (new App)

RoseRadio (new app)

I think it’s good that logos are finally integrated and that you can even use your own cover. Great thanks!
However, there are still some improvement opportunities that I ask to place with the development team:

  1. Please create a sorting option for your own channels (also in the app)
  2. Please create a sorting option for favorites (also in the app)
  3. Please shorten the last played channel list and create a possibility of deletion
  4. Please make it possible for the app to also start with your own stations so that you don’t have to switch all the time
  5. Please also create a way to record transmitters via PC-Connect (better transmission of the links possible)

It gets even better :slight_smile:


If you press music search, the display changes to information about the current song. Unfortunately, if the song changes on the radio, the old information remains. Only reloading the radio station enables you to return to the current information.
This currently works better with the old radio app.


For No.4, do you mean that you hope to see the list of your own channels when you start ROSE APP?
Or when you start ROSE RADIO?

Thank you for your feedback and opening such post.


I actually want both (device and app). But it would be much more important on the Rose RS150 and RS250 devices directly on the device on RoseRadio that you don’t have to wipe your fingers on the display so often.

And something else :wink:
The sorting of favorites is currently different than that of your own channels. Exactly the other way around when you save something.
If you can sort in all levels yourself, the problem is solved.
An alphabetical or last saved option is not sufficient in my opinion. Sorting yourself is the best option!

RoseRadio is an important step forward. Keep it up !!!


We will check if those functions you mentioned are able to be added, but I can’t confirm as there’re a lot of variables in software developments…

Sorting favorites-
Maybe the setting the order of favorite channels one by one?

Hello RoseLoa,
a drag and drop sorting function would be the best solution.
I mean both the own stations, but also the favorites.
A solution with arrow up and down or left/right to move would also be ok.
It would also be sufficient if you only implemented it in the Connect app and the device then displayed the order selected there.
The menu cards of the main screen can also be moved directly on the device. Such a solution would be perfect…

+1 to all of @MiKo’s suggestions !