RS150 USB Out does not recognized Denafrips Terminator II

My RS150 can see other external DAC (Chord and Gryphon) but it will not recognized Denafrips.
It will only shows USB Hires Audio. While other streamers will Shows Denefrips.
Music can be played fined, but when selecting between the 2 USB, it will not stay selected.

Show a picture. I have played with Terminator and it worked well.

It plays fine but does not show the name.

Can you show me your photo of what it says in your?

Hi, I was wondering how is your experience of using the denafrips T2 with the rs150? I am thinking of getting an external DAC for my rs150.

It was game changer! If you audition it, you will not want to go back to RS150’s internal DAC.
Its quiet, more details, wide stage and more musical involvement.

Will 150 “B” with newer DAC chip negate the use of external DAC?

I don’t think so. The AK4499 in the RS150 is the preferred dac chip but since the fire in the factury and later you know what made it impossible to get. The ESS chip in the RS150b is an OK substitute if implemented right. But it sounds a bit leaner.

If you ever heard a good R2R DAC like the above mentioned Terminator + or Holo May you will understand the difference between discrete R2R (ladder/multibit) dacs and sigma delta dac-chips.

The Denafrips have an usb input that is not just a standard (programmable) chip so it might turn up Nameless if not recognises as such. It should not impede its function.
That said, if you can, don’t use usb protocols but use the direct chip to chip interface (direct ic to ic = i²s, no file conversion). You only need an HDMI cable to try.

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