RS150 vs RS520 (DAC 9038Pro)

With RS520 coming with same DAC 9038Pro as RS150!!!
What would be still be an advantage for buying RS150?
I already have external AMP, and not looking for balanced output.

Appreciate your comments.


RS150 is focused on performance and output as a source device.
The power supply is different and the interface is very different from RS520. However, I think the sound quality of both are great.
RS520 is not suitable for use with various devices due to lack of interface.
In the future, if you want to use only the speaker by changing the configuration as simple as possible, RS520 is recommended, and if you are likely to change and connect various sources or amplifiers, RS150 is recommended.

Thank you

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So may I know if considering the RS520 as source only and do not bother about the lacking of interface of 520 (it is more than enough actually). Would their sound performance has quality differences?
And the RS520 of course has advantages of acting as an integrated amp to connect speaker directly in the future if wishes.
However, can the RS520 be used as power amp only by connecting the analog in with the source with volume output/preamp?


Yes, connecting the analog in with the source with volume output/preamp is using RS520 as a power amp.

Thank you

That sounds so good!


How is the interface different from the 150? Can you also clarify the amp section and how it differs from the RA180 (other than 2/4 output channels).


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In a demonstration we compared de 250 against de 150
If you want to use the device as a preamp the 150 sounds much better. ( my opinion :slight_smile: )
If you use it as a streamer only; the difference is not that big.


I think mfb is asking the difference in between RS520 & 150 as source as well as amp section between 180 & 520


There is no big interface difference between RS520 and RS150, but some interfaces are different due to resolution and model difference.
The difference between RS520 and RA180 Amp can be seen as channels, outputs, and built-in phono amplifiers.

Thank you

It is really hard for me to decide which should I take, either RA180 or RS520 now. I’m focusing on the amp section mostly. I like the design & feel for both units, including the RS150B too. But for the moment I’d only focusing on 180/520 for the amp section. I have great opportunity to buy the 2nd machine later on, RA180 if getting a 520 now (acting as source) or RS150B if a RA180 now. Difficult to choose from…
However, I love the RS520 more than the RS150B honestly! Do I miss something on my 520 in terms of performance, comparing with the RS150B?
I’ m not keen on the interface from the RS150B actually. The 520 has enough in/output for me already provided it won’t sound inferior to the RS150B…
BTW, would the 520 sound as good as the 150B as source? Thanks!


I’m not sure it delivers as much richness as the RS150, but the RS520 sounds great too.

There are several devices with the same 9038 PRO DAC built-in, but there is a difference in tone between devices rather than sound quality.
As for the sound quality, the same DAC chip is used, so it depends on the degree to which a person feels that the sound of a product is good.

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Understand. Let me think of it again😊

I finally decide to get a RS520, since I don’t need balance configurations.