RS150B Not Powering On

My RS150B is not powering on. It was plugged in but powered off when the electricity in my house flickered on and off a few times. I went to turn it on and it makes the sound as if something is happening but it doesn’t power on. Yes, it was plugged into a standard power strip surge protector. Nothing else was affected except some fuses in the garage. Is it the fuse on the 150B? Please advise!
Thank you,


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This problem does not seem to be related to the update.
This symptom appears if there is a problem with the DC power Board of RS150b.
It looks like your RS150b’s DC power Board needs to be replaced.

Please check the two things below.

  1. Please tell us the serial number of your RS150b.
  2. Please tell us the Rose ID of your RS150b.
    RS150b–>Settings–>System info–>Rose ID
  3. Please tell us the distributor in the country where you purchased the RS150b.

Please send your response by email.