RS201 Vu-Meter not working with DSD

RS201 Vu-Meter NOT working properly with DSD files played from internal SSD (in either setting input-output). Latest firmware applied.


You said that Vu-meter doesn’t work properly when playing DSD files on SSD, but does that mean that Vu-meter doesn’t appear? Or is it out of sync?
Please tell me exactly how it doesn’t work.

Thank you

It appear but just stay in the middle of the scale without any movement of the needles.


VU meter don’t move when DSD is playing. Everything else should work.

@EdwardPT @Basstech

When DSD playback is performed, the PCM information cannot be known because the sound source must be accurately inserted into the DAC as it is without conversion.

If you look at the pre-output part settings in the input/output settings, there is a DSD mode.
If you change the setting to DSD to PCM instead of Native DSD option, you can operate VU based on PCM information.

Thank you

That’s right, but you’re interfering with the sound quality. It’s not native DSD anymore.


Thanks for the explanation :+1:

The issue is if you do thar you made a down sampling to pcm. And lost all the benefits of quality of DSD native recording.

It is happening the same to me.