RS250 Support for Return to On After Power Off

I am a happy new RS 250 owner.
I power off/on all my components with a PSAudio P12 power Conditioner. This can be done with a single remote.
However, even if the Rs250 is ON when I cycle power, it always comes back in the OFF state.
I have to physically walk up and touch the power button. Is there any way to change this behavior and have it return to a fully ON state?
(Another mystery, why won’t the remote control ON button trun the unit on?).
Thanks. Great product Rose!

My understanding is the Bluetooth remote control can only wake the device up from standby mode, not from complete OFF.

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Remote will turn it back on if you used remote to put to sleep (standby). Also in the app there are 2 options: standby and power off. When you turn it off by switching mains off it remains in this domain. In this state both BT and ethernet are off.

Thanks for the response.
I am still not clear. Is there any way to have the RS250 come back in a Fully On state after power cycle without having to physically touch the power button? That is what I am looking for.

I guess it would require changing firmware and allow “always stand by” mode


There are two ways to shut down the RS250 by pressing the power button.

  1. Short press the power button
    RS250 goes into standby mode. Short press the power again to power on quickly. If you use ‘Always on display’, you can keep the watch on the screen. It can also be powered on with a Bluetooth remote control.

  2. Press and hold the power, then touch the power off button
    The power turns off completely. Could not power on for Bluetooth remote control.

It is recommended to use standby mode. It was developed on the premise of using standby mode, and you can conveniently control the set with the app.

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Thanks for the reply.
I understand all this but you are missing my real question.
I have multiple pieces of audio gear, in a rack.
I plug all of them into a power conditioner/surge protector. I use a single remote control to turn on/off the conditioner which the powers on/off ALL of them. ALL my other components EXCEPT the RS250, will come back on ready to play. I have to walk across the room and manually touch the power button to get this device on.
Is there any way to simply have RS250 ‘return to last power state’? If not, can this capability be added as an update?


Hi TheGM,

i Have the same problem and ask roseaudio to
make it possible in the next firmware .