Sick and tired of ROSE APP - pls. help me!

For two month I have tried to login - but no where near close.

ROSE keep writing: We will send you an e-mail to create new password - but they never do.
And yes I have tried 200 times, looked i spamfilter etc.etc.

I am rely pissed over the very very bad functionality… but Now I will try here - one last time.

Anyone… please !!

BR. Erik

send your question to @ROSEHAN or @ROSELOA


Please check the message I sent you.

Hi Erik ,

I am sorry to here about your problems and hope they are resolved now?? Reading about your experiences and others help me decide on the Eversolo DMP A6 which I can report has a faultless interface that is very instinctive to use . Their app I use on my tablet is brilliant, I have fitted a 4TB NVME drive and this is extremely fast and I can update / add tracks simply by connecting my PC by a cable (preferable to a network ) Obviously the Rose has video playback but people have reported sync errors which put me off the HiFI rose . My TV can play video files easily by connecting an SSD drive directly. The A6 display is smaller but this is not a problem for me as the android app is fab. I was considering the RS520 but used the money saved to buy a Rega Elicit MK5. I personally like the sound of the A6 which is detailed .