Spain in country list of Podcast App


Could you include Spain in the country list of Podcast App?

Thanks a lot.

Yo tambien me uno a la petición.

Hello @miarosan @doimehifi

It’s not easy for us to add country by country in Podcasts.
When we try to add a country in a Podcast, we don’t know which country the broadcast is from.

For example, it is broadcast in Spain, but there are channels that broadcast in English, and there are many countries where various countries broadcast in Spanish. So it takes time to distinguish which broadcast is from which country.

If you are familiar with the Spanish podcast, do you have a list that should be added? If you have, please share.

Thank you


I understand the complexity and I appreciate your efforts.

I thought that having a podcast app integrated in Rose platform would be something similar to iVoox or Audials apps, for example. Excuse my mistake.

I don’t have a list of podcasts from Spain, but doing a Google search here are 4 pages with the most current channels this year: Los Mejores Podcasts de España

Perhaps, it can be used as a starting point or reference. Logically, fin due course.

Thank you.